To make the other sexual partner cum. Usually used as a statement to describe what you are going to do, occasionally used after what you already have done.
Tim, I know your home alone tonight, how about I come over and I'll break you off.

Julie, you're being really bitchy today, do you need me to break you off?

I broke her off last night.
by sassyluvv October 29, 2014
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To have sex with someone you are not emotionally attached to.
guy 1: I'm heading over to the jump off
guy 2: that bitch break you off yet?
guy 1: yeah, i got that ho on lock
by JPeezy1 July 13, 2009
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To smoke someone out for the purpose of getting them extremely high. Similar to trying to get a girl super drunk. May, but is not sure to, lead to a different form of breaking someone off aka sexy time.
I'm trynnabreak you off later
You should let me break you off
by LadyLaughLotz January 23, 2012
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Have rough sex till the girl is incoherent
Girl: hey are you ready for tonight
Boy: yeah babe ima break you off
by Willy1982 July 29, 2014
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