Hub caps is bro code for a woman's nipples or areolas. The circular nature of the areola along with the central nipple,or "hub",combined with the surrounding nipple bumps (montgomery tubercles or "auxillary nipples") tend to resemble the wheel or hubcap on a truck or car.This illusion is further enhanced if the nipple is pierced with a barbell making it look like a cotter pin in the "hub" place ther to prevent the nipples from flying off during wild,rough sex or exotic dancing. Along this line,puffy nipples could be referred to as "baby moons".
Dude! When that stripper peeled off her top,I saw the most awesome set of hub caps ever!
by wolfbait51 January 9, 2011
The word "hub" can be abbreviated to "huge ugly bumps" which are found on a woman's areola plus the word "caps" can relate to the little black circles that some women have decorated around the areola because they look like bullet holes.
Guy 1: Man, you see those circles around her areola? Look at the bumps too!
Guy 2: Yeah, she got hub caps.
by Edefiner February 3, 2015
disgusting balloon looking tits that have massive nipples resembling car tires and hubcaps, the nipple is the same color as the boob and is a horrifying sight, it is a significantly mentally scarring image, they are often seen on girls with massive boobs that they can't stop showing everyone, because that's all they have to offer
holy shit, i'll never like huge boobs again, some girl just flashed me with some nasty ass hub caps
by Regina George June 11, 2008
Like a grill for a man's dick tip, it is a gold, silver, or diamond encrusted cap for a man's dick head. It is a fitted cover that can fit on any circumcised or uncircumcised penis.
Bro, Stephanie totally fucked me after seeing my hub caps.

Dude nice hub cap, your dick is iced the fuck out

Bro is that a grill on your penis? Nice hub cap

Awe babe, your hub cap makes you so much hotter
by Framer February 11, 2017