To the native hawaiians or people who are accustomed to modern hawaiian culture it is a term of great disrepect. In other words, dis dakine word your maddah and faddah give you cracks for cuz you was callin braddah keoni dis when dat faka went jack your slippahs.
Sup you faka wea my slippahs clown?
Faka i telling on you
Wow you faka you went eat all my poke?
You're a fucker.
by ILikeSmashYourChickCan? November 25, 2015
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like fucker
mostly used in hawaii

What u faka like scrap?
by nikolau November 13, 2007
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Heeey, How ya doin'????
Is basicly what people mean with faka. Also spelled "fawaka" Pretty popular in the Netherlands.
-eyy, Faka??
-chill, with you...?
by Charity November 15, 2004
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A fake person. A person who fakes. Putting up a false front. The opposite of real.
"That nigga ain't real his fake ass ain't neva killed nobody."
by DEKE April 9, 2005
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Hawaiian slang for Fuckers (English)

Hopefully you fakas understand what I'm saying.
by Limp DaggerDick October 31, 2018
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1. Shit is going down, you are gonna fight

2. Typical call outs that people of Hawai use when things get heated

3. The first thing said at graduation patehs when da peoples is suckin up the green bottles kinda too much...but eh no such ting as too much
Unko Boi: "watchu faka!"

Steve: who me?

Unko Boi: Yeah you! Why you was giving me dat eye foa?

Steve: oh sorry sorry.

Unko Boi: You lucky i neva lick you! Bettah watchit!
by AinaOMolokai March 5, 2018
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