Slang for what's up in dutch
Also a song by Wiwek
Boy a: Faka g
Boy b: *unknown dutch reply*
by Randomkpopper January 2, 2018
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it's commonly used after writing a comment or talking to a friend about something very exciting and rubbing it in thier face.
you-" what are you doing this week-end?"
me-"im going to cancun,matha faka!!!!"
by greatest=mathafaka April 5, 2009
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a more street term for a wigger
watch dat fucca faka tryin ta hit dem sistas
by dymepiece August 23, 2005
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Faka mean fucka use in hawaii and wah mean what

by DriftX8 August 21, 2008
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some bitch thats just plain ass dumb
yall know in sku i cheat an erbody halloren at me like this : " hey you dumb fuk stop wat da fuk u doin u dumb mo faka and stop copin me im a mo faka too fugly slut!!!
by mokihana kay-malina August 13, 2005
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Possibly the most offensive rap song in the world. It has a white person using frequent N-words, insulting the president, promoting police brutality against black people, racism, drug use, weed, murders, prison escapes, rape, child pornography, and even wanting to start a World War III
1: Have you ever heard of the song faka?
2: I did! Never listen to it! It's extremely offensive!
by uuttutryyytyty June 23, 2022
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