10 definitions by Charity

Heeey, How ya doin'????
Is basicly what people mean with faka. Also spelled "fawaka" Pretty popular in the Netherlands.
-eyy, Faka??
-chill, with you...?
by Charity November 15, 2004
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Beth: Bobby was doggin my drawing.
Max: He just hatin cuz
it's better than his.
by Charity November 2, 2003
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to stare into space for a long period of time
Yo man, u mad buggin, whatchu lookin at?
by Charity November 2, 2003
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Another way of saying baby, with a combination of other pet names such as B, or bumby.
by Charity April 18, 2003
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slang for stuff, some or thing/things
He has a little extra added ness to make the party more appealing.
by Charity April 18, 2003
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1. A recurring character on TV's Angel, played by Stephanie Romanov. Lilah was one of the lawyers that worked for the evil Wolfram & Hart, and is widely considered to be one of the best villainesses on the show. Her villainy only softened when she began an affair with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Lilah was killed by Evil!Cordelia in the episode "Calvary".

2. A femme fatale.
1. I cried when Lilah died.

2. That girl is such a Lilah.
by Charity December 11, 2004
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Once she came out with her completely original Supa Dupa Fly, she became a hit. Recently, she lost major weight and is looking pretty Supa Dupa Fly herself...
Did u hear that new joint by Missy Elliot? She's really really hott.....
by Charity November 25, 2004
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