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An awsome fucking rapper from Memphis Tennessee. Formally with the 3 6 mafia.
Playa Fly's song Crownin Me is a dirty south classic.
by DEKE April 11, 2005
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used when someone brags about something or says somehitng that makes them sound like a comlete dousche.
I got a 95 on my final. Jack me off faggot.
by DEKE December 18, 2003
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The initiation to join deeks together. Whitegate is an abandon plantation in Savannah, Ga. ( Grove point Plantation ) which is haunted by a phantom.
Yo deek. We are going to whitegate!!!!!
by DEKE December 8, 2003
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A fake person. A person who fakes. Putting up a false front. The opposite of real.
"That nigga ain't real his fake ass ain't neva killed nobody."
by DEKE April 9, 2005
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To "run a g" on a girl is to gangbang her or to run a train on her.
My nig, we ran a G on that lil red bitch yesterday.
by DEKE April 9, 2005
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something used in cs in sarcasm to a complete nub(nick evans). Also, used when someone does somehting completley stupid.
Brian you freaking nub how did you get your car suck in my yard. GG nub.
by DEKE December 18, 2003
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Good quality marijuana grown in bulk in Canada. Originated from refering to buds from British Columbia but now is used to refer to any good marijuana grown in quantity in Canada.
Person 1) You got some dank bro?

Person 2) Naw, but I got some beesters tho.
by DEKE April 9, 2005
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