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A classy nickname for calling someone a fagton in public. See Fagtron
by DEKE November 25, 2003
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A fake person. A person who fakes. Putting up a false front. The opposite of real.
"That nigga ain't real his fake ass ain't neva killed nobody."
by DEKE April 9, 2005
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To "run a g" on a girl is to gangbang her or to run a train on her.
My nig, we ran a G on that lil red bitch yesterday.
by DEKE April 9, 2005
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A Physics teacher who doesnt teach at all. He gives you quizes on stuff we dont even go over. He Busts his head open on wooden cabinets and he also grades homework for accuracy when we dont know how to do it. Slit your hand open again nissen. again.
by DEKE November 25, 2003
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A person who is pimpish, belonging to the type of pimp. Originally quoted by rappers Eightball and MJG often mistaken for "pimp tight."
MJG, pimp type, and I gotta pimp hard.
by DEKE April 8, 2005
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An awsome fucking rapper from Memphis Tennessee. Formally with the 3 6 mafia.
Playa Fly's song Crownin Me is a dirty south classic.
by DEKE April 11, 2005
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