An atheist who is "soft" on religious belief, and tolerant of even the worst intellectual and moral excesses of religion: atheist accommodationist.
A lot of leftist faitheists say, "I'm not religious, but we shouldn't criticize the Muslim oppression of women because it's a sincere religious belief.
by The Barefoot Bum July 17, 2009
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someone who does not believe in god, but attends church regularly- usually by force from significant others or family.

a combination of faith and atheist
"i have to go to church with my girlfriend tomorrow"

"i thought you didnt believe in god"

"yeah, im a faitheist."
by plastictreees May 28, 2007
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an atheist who recognizes the value of fulfilling the human need to have faith and worship and is someone who elects to not have faith in anything bigger than him/herself but secretly harbours a desire to reinvigourate the idea of community but doesn't believe in organizing anymore.
as a faitheist, I am not a humanist.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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Faitheist: one who pretends to have been an atheist who found religion, for the purpose of creating common ground to evangelize to atheists.
Faitheist: I was once an atheist like you, but through the power of prayer I connected with "God" and am now a blessed follower.
Me: An atheist has no god to pray to. We both know you're full of shit.
Faitheist: I... I... God hates you and you'll burn in hell.
Me: Fuck off.
by @stylblog April 22, 2010
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An atheist who is just as blindly sure there is no God, as the religious people are blindly sure there is one. Not to be confused with an agnostic, who thinks humans are incapable of knowing for sure what's really out there.
I was talking to this Faitheist recently and he was so damn sure his views were the right ones that he reminded me of an evangelical christian. Check your ego homie, you don't know shit.
by Joe Salone December 29, 2011
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Someone who pretends they have faith to fit in or succeed in a social system, but secretly does not believe in supernatural deities.
by solgartner December 25, 2010
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1. (noun) Any person who believes in a supernatural super-being (like a god or gods) that supposedly created or had a hand in creating the universe, despite the lack of evidence for the existence of any such being. (Faitheists, Faitheism, Faitheistic)

2. The opposite of "atheist".
"The faitheists were outraged at the suggestion that man and apes evolved from a common ancestor."
by Argaven January 15, 2010
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