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The word for the feeling that we sometimes call depression without the attached social malaise ( ie the need to take medication, go to shrink, talk too much, eat too much etc ).
I'm feeling miserable today, I'll feel better tomorrow.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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a religion that is in it's early stages that supports many of the dubious conclusions of the Judaeo Christian society in which it is practiced, such as the doctrine of original sin (genetics), the possibility of obtaining an absolute truth, the removal of the merchants from the temple (coming soon to a cinema near you) etc.
It's bible is in an incomprehensible language and is not widely distributed as printing hasn't yet been invented.
Is often used to limit freedom of choice but in the correct hands can be a good thing.
discuss stem cell research as a science.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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a thing that is broken and that I wouldn't drive down the road in for fear of my safety and other's. Is approaching complete entropy - the manifestation of absolute rule - before war breaks out. May be reparable - inject chaos without injecting harm.

by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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a previous science that is in it's death throes and is trying to change into a new science
All religions are basically saying the same three things.
1. be moral - do what's in the best interest of your family and in the best interest of society.
2. life is suffering - here's how to deal with it.
3. strive for exclusive ownership at the expense of others.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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1. an opportunity for chomsky to yet again force dualism down our throats until it sticks out of our asses.
2. something that cannot be removed from sentences such as the following:
3. is implicit in every form of communicaton from billboard advertising to the way you wear your hair.
4. something that can be used to enforce and control or perhaps to just define.
5. something that everybody can describe but that nobody can yet explain. Except me perhaps :)
compare -
'not now reg, I'm having tea with my grammar.'
'the horse raced past the barn fell.'
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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1. slang for 'inner-sense'.
2. slang for 'in a sense'.
3. slang for 'in essence'.
1. I've got an feeling of innocence.
2. It is simply not true, innocence.
3. There is lots of potential energy, innocence.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
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