White, middle-class, male, useless people—who have just enough family context to not be crushed by poverty.
Felix, the failson of the family, goes downstairs at Thanksgiving, briefly mumbles, ‘Hi,’ everyone asks him how community college is going, he mumbles something about a 2.0 average, goes back upstairs with a loaf of bread and some peanut butter, and gets back to gaming and masturbating.
by the_new_new_dirtbag November 19, 2016
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An entitled upper-class or upper-middle-class son of a well-to-do and connected family who, despite all of the advantages he has been provided, still manages to fail at almost everything he does. In order for a failson to come into being, one or both of his parents must be highly successful by some measure in order to illuminate just how much of a failure the son is in comparison.

Failsons are typically educated at good schools that they learn almost nothing from, prone to excessive partying in their youth, and inept at almost everything except using their connections. Failsons from the wealthiest families are often charged with leading some part of family business operations, which inevitably either fail or are narrowly saved from failure by more competent people underneath them.

Despite this, a failson may be protected from the perception of his failure by his family's wealth and social status, as well as their desire not to be embarrassed. Millions have been spent to obscure the failure of these cherished baby boys. Due to this, it's not uncommon for a failson to actually imagine himself as successful, and even to be a "self-made man."

Failsons are sometimes at the center of massive social and political upheaval. One of the best examples in recent history is Russian Tsar Nicholas II of the Romanov family, whose complete incompetence led to the downfall of the Tsarist regime and eventually, the Russian Revolution.

Female: faildaughter
Gender-neutral: failspawn
"Do most influential political families have a failson?"

"Probably. Donald Trump, Jr. is a classic failson. So is Hunter Biden."

"Wait ... Was George W. Bush actually a failson? Or did he overcome it by becoming President?"

"That's a question for the ages, my friend. Is failure central to the failson, or can it be transcended through enough artificially-manufactured success on the part of the failson's family and associated cronies? The world may never know."
by dongchaser420 October 9, 2022
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A derogative term coined by chapo trap house fans and leftist twitter users, often referring to a young man from a successful family who is currently perceived as a "failure" compared to his predecessor.

The use of "failson" is one of the hallmark projections thrown out by insecure numales online, and typically stems from their own failed relationships with their fathers / families. Many leftist internet users have tried to suppress the deep sense of shame they feel stemming from how much they've disappointed their fathers in life. As a result, many can't help but accuse other people, who still have a relationship with their family, as being a failure in the same way they are. The typical "failson" has wealthy parents and a good relationship with his family, which causes a deep, seething jealousy in those who struggle financially and failed to maintain a relationship with their parents. It is an insult used as a way cope with the fact they have no support from their family or their parents. The truth is many "failsons" go on to succeed in life, have families and careers, while the individuals calling people "failsons" post about the benefits of socialism on social media while living in poverty.

Calling someone a failson is a way of saying "I wish I had what he had". Not only wanting for the affluence and wealth that comes from having successful parents, but for a deep desire to have a good relationship with mom and dad.
*Guy and his dad fishing*

nintendo switch guy with a patchy beard: what a pathetic failson. He needs his daddy! what a baby! *cries inside*
by Candleass123 August 6, 2023
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