CEO of Antifa i guess i dunno i dont watch much FOX
by Queen Buttrix February 23, 2021
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Getting blown while smoking crack cocaine.
-Dude, Ruby gave me a Hunter Biden in the back seat of my caddie.
by Laszlo Reintree October 15, 2020
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Member of the Lucky Sperm Club via father Joe Biden. Interests include abstract art, overseas business dealings, gifts for women, nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac, pre-trial interventions, chaos, and rehab.
Judge rules Hunter Biden is dad of child fathered with ex-stripper”
by Gary The Squirrel TM October 22, 2020
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The act of injecting cocaine into your own ass.
I love to Hunter Biden
by Balls Obama September 4, 2023
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The corrupt crackhead son of a crooked politician (Joe Biden). When people
say politicians are crooked they need to look at him.

Past jobs: Worked for a Ukrainian gas company and made millions
Favorite pass times: smoking crack and sleeping with dead brothers wife
Might be found in dad’s basement or in a bath tub smoking crack
“Hey did you hear what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell?”

“No what was it? Is it good

It’s amazing I can’t even describe what’s on it you need to check it out.
by Q Hymes October 24, 2020
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Did you see Hunter Biden? Yes hes weighing his crack for the 47th time this week!
by Klol89 July 22, 2022
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The scumbag son of President Joe Biden. Hunter is notorious for a laptop that he possessed that was full of his nudes, and evidence that he was a crackhead, a human trafficker, and a pedophile (he typed 12 year old girl into a porn site). It was discovered in October 2020 and was suppressed by social media sites, which were implicit in fixing the 2020 election for his father. The laptop clearly shows that Hunter is guilty of multiple felonies, but since he is the President's son, he will never be held accountable.

Hunter is also a deadbeat that knocked up a woman on a one night stand, denied his paternity and refused to pay child support. He later sued the women in questioned so his daughter couldn't use his last name. Though in all honesty, that girl should be lucky she doesn't have to bare the Biden name.
If anyone else had a laptop like Hunter Biden's , they would be in prison for the rest of their lives.
by EPICblogspot January 26, 2023
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