CEO of Antifa i guess i dunno i dont watch much FOX
by Queen Buttrix February 23, 2021
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Getting blown while smoking crack cocaine.
-Dude, Ruby gave me a Hunter Biden in the back seat of my caddie.
by Laszlo Reintree October 15, 2020
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Member of the Lucky Sperm Club via father Joe Biden. Interests include abstract art, overseas business dealings, gifts for women, nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac, pre-trial interventions, chaos, and rehab.
Judge rules Hunter Biden is dad of child fathered with ex-stripper”
by Gary The Squirrel TM October 22, 2020
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The corrupt crackhead son of a crooked politician (Joe Biden). When people
say politicians are crooked they need to look at him.

Past jobs: Worked for a Ukrainian gas company and made millions
Favorite pass times: smoking crack and sleeping with dead brothers wife
Might be found in dad’s basement or in a bath tub smoking crack
“Hey did you hear what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell?”

“No what was it? Is it good

It’s amazing I can’t even describe what’s on it you need to check it out.
by Q Hymes October 24, 2020
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The wingnut response to any attempt to bring up Trump's four-year war on the American people. Basically "but her emails" except dumber.
"Donald Trump, the failson of a millionaire, has been doing everything he can to actively sabotage and steal the election for himself and the many members of his family who serve in his administration"

"but Hunter Biden's emails"
by Aunt Tifa Lockhart October 30, 2020
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When a man paints on the back of... a canvas. A canvas he paid, sometimes, $2,000 an hour after getting access to his dad's account. A canvas that, if anyone finds out about her, the man will have to call his secret Secret Service agent to fix. He's not supposed to have access to Secret Service, but his dad makes things happen (and I'm not talking about inappropriate showers with his daughter!) and the secret Secret Service agent fixed it. Also, the canvas is a prostitute and the man says, "Now that's what I call an original Hunter Biden".
And the AVN for gangbang of the year is, "An Original Hunter Biden"!!!!
by verymeaningful October 18, 2021
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The most charming cutest boy in America. The only boy I would simp for
Damm their is Robert hunter biden sheshh ❤️🥺
by Badestbitch February 16, 2021
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