A saying that spoderman uses frequently which means faggot.
by JJ1247 September 17, 2014
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The practice of disappointing your father by being a faggot
I noticed your son is in the play at school, he must have caught the bug of fagitism.
by Chad May 3, 2004
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A phrase commonly used by toon accounts on Twitter. Also could mean You.
Spodermen: Ur an fagit
Dolan: Spodermen stahp u fagit

Ur an fagit
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Jade: Did you see kelsea and ember acting stupid last night?

Kendra: yeah, they're sooo fagitated!
by Ronnie Doich May 22, 2009
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To seriously mull something over; to descend deep into thought.
I must fagitate a little longer before I can produce a better example.
by Paynekiller September 15, 2009
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Not your everyday faggot...much gayer, much more retarded, and much, much, MUCH, more autistic.
Ashton: "Hey here comes that fAgit, Eugene. EUGEEEEEEEEEEEENE"
Matt: "You never learn..."
Eugene: "Eugenos, use Slash!"
by MemesNotMorons February 9, 2017
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when someone is the cobmination of a fag and hypocrite
wow. that anti-gay senator was giving out rimjobs at a truckstop, what a fagite
by jazzyishhh March 4, 2011
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