All worn out. Has been stretched so many times that it has lost all elasticity.
My favorite pair of sweatpants now fall down to my ankles because the elastic is all fagged out.
by asilva February 02, 2007
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You can not get anymore gayer that means your beyond gay a new level of gayness
"A bro your so fagged out"
by Sgt. Mcpootle July 20, 2006
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to act really gay, unashamedly
fag out: when junior vasquez played 'work it to the bone' i totally fagged out
by gorillaslim May 04, 2011
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getting really excited about something to the point that it stirs something deep inside

Note: has no reference to homosexuals, only to this very particular behavior
John was fagging out in the movie theater over the new Avengers trailer.

Tim and Bill were fagging out in the backseat to some old Aerosmith song; they are 80s freaks.
by zingerhoff January 28, 2012
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1. To bail on something, "pussy out"

2.To act in an unexpected, negative way.
1. We were going to go out, but Joe had to fag out and go to bed early.

2. I would get alcohol from my brother, but he will just fag out and give a speech on being responsible again.
by Sean Ryan Ryan Sean February 03, 2007
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To act in a homosexual manner when one's (supposed) sexuality is heterosexual. Not quite the same meaning as to "turn gay", but almost.
Dude A: "Dude, what's the deal? I wake up and find you sleeping in my bed! Why don't you sleep in your own? I hope you're not startin' to fag-out on me!"

Dude B: "Don't worry about it, man. It'll only happen once-in-awhile —usually after I suck your cock, like I did last night. And thanks for being cool enough to pretend to be asleep!"
by wordbird July 02, 2006
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