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Someone who is gay and has a lot of emotional or relationship baggage.
Sarah, "So what's up with that guy you're seeing?"
Howard, "Yeah, well, I had to break-up with him."
Sarah, "Why? He was so hot!"
Howard, "Hell yes he was hot but he just has WAY to much faggage!"
by prettymilktruck November 03, 2007
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Situations, or past experiences that cause or warrant homosexual tendencies.
"Wow, Michael sure is acting differently since college... I think he came on to me yesterday!"
"Yeah, he seems to have a lot of faggage."

"I have a hard time believing Brian is straight, he just has a lot of faggage."
by D. Bagg January 17, 2012
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The mental baggage left over from a previous gay relationship.
Friend 1: Hey, there's Lisa.
Friend 2: What? Shit, don't let Rebecca see her. Those two have some serious faggage.
by Wittimancer August 07, 2010
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fag + luggage

The faggoty luggage with the little wheels and the little faggoty handle that pathetic fucking faggots and fat lazy dipshits wheel around the airport, taking up more space than their fat asses while they lumber down the concourse, or slow the embarking or 'deplaning' of an economy flight with the legion of old idiots who take 10 minutes each to walk down the goddamn ramp and thru the aisles and then an additional 5 minutes to get their flabby, atrophied muscles to lift their queer little suitcase-on-wheels-with-a-handle into the overhead compartment (because they don't fit under the seat in front, plus they need all that room for their fat fucking feet), all because they are too goddamn lazy to pick up a suitcase or backpack and fucking CARRY IT.
To friend on cell phone: "These 2 docker-clad pole-smokers are in my way, towing their little faggage along behind them, TAKING UP ALL THE GODDAMN SPACE ON THE MOTHERFUCKING WALKWAY WHILE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET TO THEIR COCKSUCKING GATES. YOU NUTGOBBLING ASSCLOWNS!"
by Charlie Bravo August 20, 2008
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