Hating Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, poseurs, preps, "sluts", Good Charlotte or any other slutty/punk-pop musicians out there. THOSE, my friends, are fads. NOT preppiness.
"I hate fads! I hate Britney! Never mind that hating her is a fad and I'll look so damn stupid 3 weeks from now denying every anti-Britney thing I've said!!"
by Shameless Plug January 11, 2004
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Preppies. Emos. Punk Rockers.

Anything that causes a person to act in a way unnatural to humans in order to be noticed.
Emos: Cutting themselves, usually to gain attention (They only die because they do it wrong, because they are idiots). Dressing in only black white and red. wearing so much mascara they look like raccoons.

Preppies: Starching and popping collars. Why the fuck would anyone do that? (Fun fact: Never hug a preppie. If they have a popped and starched collar, you WILL expirience an impromptu tracheotomy.)

Punk Rockers: Wearing the same thing as emos but denying they are emo because they listen to (insert whiney pseudo punk band here) instead of (insert screamo-emo).

Anything above is a fad.

And Everyone hates Britney spears because we all know she has so many STDs that they are actually breeding and creating new ones. The only way to stop the spread is to burn her alive.
by Kimaero December 23, 2005
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A synonym for cool. Particulary used by uncool people.
Hey your shirt is so fad yaar!
by Gunkglumb June 02, 2005
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(Fuck And Destroy) means what you would do to someone who you fancy or want to shag
by Mrevolution July 03, 2014
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if your dad is a fag then he is now a fad.
guy 1 - dude i have a bed time.
guy 2 - your dads such a fad.
by pepfreous October 08, 2008
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