12 definitions by GPhone

He tried his best to keep his EMAs secret.
by GPhone December 12, 2009
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A word having contradictory meanings
The words cleave, hold and oversight seem like contrawords
by GPhone February 5, 2011
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Part Of The Scenery
The CD-Player became POTS of the Living Room.
by GPhone August 29, 2011
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She is an SAHM of three children.
by GPhone December 15, 2009
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The second largest city of Bangladesh based on the sea-port through which the bulk of the country's trade is conducted.
The Chittagong Port has improved a lot since "1/11".
by GPhone September 2, 2007
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That was a Blizzkrieg in and around NY in Dec 2010 ...
by GPhone December 29, 2011
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