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In a video game, to gather information on an area hidden in fog of war by charging in. To check for enemies with your face. Seems to have originated in League of Legends where vision-obscuring bushes allow champions to wait hidden from view in very close proximity to their opponents.
I told Annie not to facecheck the brush, but she did anyway. Garen scored first blood.
by DEMACIA! October 02, 2010
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The act of checking if an area is dangerous to blunder into by blundering into it.
"There might be an ambush waiting for us inside this bush. Let me poke my face in and check"
"Dude, don't Face Check"
by Teh Mongause September 23, 2011
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Used when travelling in a large passenger vechicle with a rather "experienced" college coed who spends more time below the view of the rear view mirror than visable in it...
Concerned Driver (aka Dad): "Chris what's the slopping sound?"

Disturbed passenger (aka Mom): "Mary, FACECHECK!!!"
by Douches November 25, 2004
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to scan someone's facebook profile picture before accepting their friend request.
dude, i have 15 friend requests, i totally dont have time to facecheck every one of them!
by crissie777 August 10, 2009
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to hit someone in the face with an object such as a hocky stick or racket
*during hockey game*
guy on ice: *slams guy on ice 2 in face with stick*
guy 1: "dude he just got face checked"
guy 2: "major face check, sweeeeeet"
by shady demonik 666 January 14, 2010
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When you're rude to a waitress, 'facecheck' is what she does to you in return. Rather than fold your check and gently place it on the table, she instead removes a pin from her hair and proceeds to embed the check to your forhead.
"Oh no you didn't, woman! Aint no $5.15-an-hour waitress-hag gonna facecheck me on my dime!
by Burt Thunderskivvy September 12, 2006
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Facecheck, noun. The impact one's face into the feet or fists of another, usually under the misguided impression that this will somehow lead to victory. When used in gaming, a facecheck is any rush by an inferior party into a superior one and the subsequent inevitable outcome.
Can also be used as a verb, to facecheck is to make said impact.
Man, I can't believe Jim facechecked Roger like that. He's twice his size, what was he thinking?
by T R Trollington October 23, 2012
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