Taking a few weeks' holiday from Facebook
Hey, your wall's empty. You been on facebreakation?
by t_shaped November 15, 2007
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n. To take an extended break from Facebook ... also facebreakation
Hey, I would've added you as a Top Friend, but I didn't get your invite - I'm having a facebreak. Yeh. I've been on a facebreakation since August.
by t_shaped November 15, 2007
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To take a break from a particular productive activity (tradionally homework) to check your Facebook. Normally results in a non-productive hour.
Beth: Yes! We just completed the first 3 problems of our Chemistry homework!
Mary: Time for a facebreak!

Joe: I was in the library reading and decided to take a facebreak, next thing I knew it was midnight and I had got nothing done.
Billy: Fail.
by Chelzz February 13, 2009
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Facebreak - taking a break from Facebook when you have just had enough or just can not quit.
1. I had to take a Facebreak because I am getting nothing done at work!
2. I am taking a Facebreak because the comments on my status updates are causing me too much stress!
3. If I do not take a Facebreak my husband is going to leave me!
by MissRead February 19, 2010
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Briefly suspending, or even closing out, your Facebook or any other social networking account.
Megan was spending too much time on Facebook, so she took a Facebreak.
by DefinED May 21, 2012
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I was going to break up with Pat in person, but I thought it'd be easier just to facebreak with him.
by Joeyar April 20, 2009
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Facebreak: An act of douchebaggery that involves preemptively removing one's relationship status before notifying girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or significant other, also the action that should result to the person who instigated the facebreak. (see facebreak-ING)
Karl Selewski has so many women he makes things easier on himself with use of Facebreak
by Bailejor April 26, 2010
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