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When you voluntarily cancel your facebook account because you either: 1)dropped out of school, 2) realize you are too old, 3) are sick of the applications everyone sends you, or 4)you are sick of people facebook stalking you.
Man, I had to commit facebook suicide voluntarily leaving facebookaccount closing once I turned thirty, because I started to feel pathetic when I got an app for which High School Musical Character Are You.
by sjkyr4 March 15, 2009
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The act of deactiving and disconnecting from the virtual world (esp to reconnect with the real world).
I knew she committed facebook suicide when I saw the goodbye messages on her page.
by Sue B January 09, 2008
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To systematically offend all of ones friends on Facebook causing them all to de-friend you.
Joe was sick of Facebook and all the stupid things his friends would Say on the site so he decided to commit Facebook suicide.
by Martyjfunkhauser June 18, 2011
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