Verb or Noun
That one guy that you occasionally see walking down the street and everyone is just like dude, look at that guy,
i'd like to be him
Dude you look awesome
I now im totally faas
by Corey M Horton April 5, 2008
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"Hey mom i just joined the FAA!"

mom says- "But why? Didn't i raise you better than that
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Most commonly used in refference to the Federal Aviation Administration--which is really not that far removed from some of the other defenitions on this page.
The FAA clearly states in FAR Part 91, section 130, paragraph 4c...
by AV8OR February 27, 2005
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Faas is the defenition of perfection,
Everyone wants to be him, everyone loves him.
He is handsome, he is the type of person everyone adores.
When he turns 21 he is going to become the boy every girl wants to marry.
He is the type of man that makes lesbians straight.
He is good at everything.
All wants the taste of this Faas, he is the shepperd of man, almost equal to god.
He also is astounding in bed.
Faas is Strong and rich.
Faases are the closest we'll ever come to jesus.
Faas is handsome
Faas is super strong

Faas = God
by awdoajwfa21312 September 29, 2013
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It means "Florida Air Academy" but it is also a federal association of assholes.
FAA is on florida and it has lots of bohemians and lithuanians.
by Windows 98 cardboard edition January 6, 2005
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Fereral Aviation Administration.

A government organization. Need I say more?
FAA Lackey 1: Hey, I just audited a repair station and closed them down because they didn't cross out block 3 on form 2230.

FAA Lackey 2: HAHA. That's great. Let's go on an extended lunch break.
by Despondent May 22, 2006
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Check out that HBG.
She has nothing on that FAA at three o'clock.
by ch3tta gritto December 6, 2010
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