Most commonly used in refference to the Federal Aviation Administration--which is really not that far removed from some of the other defenitions on this page.
The FAA clearly states in FAR Part 91, section 130, paragraph 4c...
by AV8OR February 27, 2005
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feds against aviation
guy 1: oh did you see the feds against aviation released a remote id waiver.
guy 2: yea fuck bureaucrats i just ignore rules im not part of the sheeple herd.
guy 1: well now ur drone has to be under 250 grams otherwise the faa will fuck your drone right out of the sky if it doesnt have remote id on it.
guy 2: well shit... time to trim the fat from my drone then...
by User139575 January 12, 2021
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Friday Afternoon Alcoholics - typically college students who skip their afteroon classes to start drinking early
by Jane Walker February 22, 2005
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moonheads word for fuck
'moonhead u got birdshit on ur head'
'ahhh faa'
by anonymous January 18, 2004
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means nice, fab or great... originally came from the language of the smookies, an urban tribe coming from a town in north west London
that skirt of yours is faa!
by pookie August 20, 2004
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Verb or Noun
That one guy that you occasionally see walking down the street and everyone is just like dude, look at that guy,
i'd like to be him
Dude you look awesome
I now im totally faas
by Corey M Horton April 05, 2008
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"Hey mom i just joined the FAA!"

mom says- "But why? Didn't i raise you better than that
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