A hair type that is naturally very curly and shows up on african american people. it's the type of hair you need to pull off an AMAZING afro.
4c hair is so nice and fluffy
by whatthehapisfuckening May 25, 2017
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Any racist, self-proclaimed conservative who is willing to believe - or conceive - any ignorant, misinformed and/or racist statement about minorities and Democratic politicians, most notably President Obama, who, despite their best efforts to prevent it, was elected President of the United States twice. Shortened term for "cranky crotchety conservative crackpot."
1. Noun: "One of the most outspoken 4Cs in America is Rush Limbaugh."

2. Verb: "Oh great, there goes Bill O'Reilly 4Cing again."

3. Karl Rove 4Cd all night on Fox News after the election was over.
by The TrUth will find you out January 6, 2013
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Some crazy dude drove up next to Joey and 4C’d him in the parking lot.
by JoeyD-PSC February 8, 2020
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A crusty concieted cuisine criminal - someone that only shows up as the food hits the table - inhales food! - leaves before anyone else is finished!
Me: where’s dad at?
Mom: he’s 4C! Gone before we even sat down!
No manners having, narcissistic, food hustler!
by LynBin October 5, 2021
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a homeroom class of a group of idiotic people who think they are better than everyone. All the aliens also known as humans bully each other by throwing grass in each other's hair and almost no one is actually friends, just people who are rude to eachother
Their classroom almost pulled a 4C, that's so embarrassing!!
by lmaonololll May 13, 2021
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