Tornado that is rated: (strong) with winds from 113-157 mph, causing: CONSIDERABLE DAMAGE: Roofs blown off homes leaving strong walls standing. Sheds and other outbuildings demolished, unanchored mobile homes overturned, block structure walls collapsed, roofs peeled back. Small wood missiles observed.
f2! Exciting day, big enough to chase
by Brian February 28, 2004
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An F2 is a bullshit gun that will be realty nerfed and nerfed and will never be balanced, it’s used by a dumb ass bitch with a ski Mask and a drone that can’t jump
Watch out they have an F2 “ whole team dies
by Twitch main November 29, 2019
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F2 (F squared or FF) is an acronym for fuckable fifty, a woman in her fifties that is still sexually attractive to younger men. The ideal F2 is a woman who maintains her good looks through exercise and a sense of style, not through cosmetic surgery.
Donna worked out 5 days a week and ran three miles a day and was secretly flattered to know that the college guys who worked for her considered her an F2.
by Lake 317 November 4, 2003
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The refuge of the intelligent from flecko, where we exchange witticisms, eat peaches, have young women feed us peaches, share drawings that are actually good (egads!), and generally revel in elitism. You aren't invited.
Oh man, I'm so glad nitrus and mwace aren't on F2! They're such fuckweed's!
by Spartacus September 8, 2004
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Nikon's flagship photographic camera of the 1970's, renowned for it's versatility and durability. It is an incredibly heavy piece of metal, useful not only for taking photographs, but also as a paperweight, hammer, defensive weapon, etc.
Jesus Christ, that Nikon F2 is heavy!
by supersharpie August 11, 2007
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A car which, contrary to mainly US opinion, does not exist and never will exist.

F2 (Formula 2) was an inferior level and a stepping-stone to Formula 1 - to name a car this would be idiotic, especially by a company that is a Formula 1 team.

For the past few years, McLaren was concentrating on the SLR Mercedes.
"The McLaren F2 doesn't exist, you stupid fool."
by numb_nuts June 22, 2005
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Popularized by the website "," this phrase is derived from the website feature that lets you instantly change the person you are talking to and selecting another random Chatroulett-er by pressing F2 on your keyboard. While many people visit the website to chat, others blithely waltz along seeking nudity and obscene things. These people press F2 at such an exorbitant rate, that they often find themselves accidentally skipping over the people that they intend to interact with.
Me: I was on Chatroulette and all I was seein was dicks. I went on an F2 Spree, and I fuckin skipped over the only pair of bewbs I found the whole night!

Frank: I don't understand... why were you skipping over the dicks?
by puertorican120 January 9, 2012
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