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A common slang word for cocaine.
I'm going to waste my paycheck on hookers and blow.
by Spartacus February 20, 2005

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An abbreviation encryption system that is very powerful. It uses prime numbers in order to make it harder to break. It will convert characters and words into one very large number which is solved using a decryption algorithm.

crypto encryption cryptography
P = 61 <- first prime number (destroy this after computing E and D)
Q = 53 <- second prime number (destroy this after computing E and D)
PQ = 3233 <- modulus (give this to others)
E = 17 <- public exponent (give this to others)
D = 2753 <- private exponent (keep this secret!)

Your public key is (E,PQ).
Your private key is D.

decrypt(C) = (C^D) mod PQ
= (C^2753) mod 3233

encrypt(T) = (T^E) mod PQ
= (T^17) mod 3233
by Spartacus March 19, 2005

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It used to be the best website in the world, the home of Madness Interactive. But now, certain members (who shall not be named, except for mwace, because we all hate him) have brought it down. Not to mention the dumbass children who go there for madness, and irritate everyone greatly. Now, we all go to F2, where we can escape young 'uns, fuckweeds, asshats and asswipes who we all love to hate.
Flecko used to be so great, dude, but now those pissants are here, I'm just gonna leave and stay at F2, like Andrew did.
by Spartacus September 07, 2004

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An encryption system in which the alphabet is rotated anywhere from 1-26 characters causing the word to be harder to read but solvable through simple substituion invented by Julis Caesar.
"caesar rotated" converts to:
Rotation-1: dbftbs spubufe
by Spartacus March 19, 2005

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The refuge of the intelligent from flecko, where we exchange witticisms, eat peaches, have young women feed us peaches, share drawings that are actually good (egads!), and generally revel in elitism. You aren't invited.
Oh man, I'm so glad nitrus and mwace aren't on F2! They're such fuckweed's!
by Spartacus September 07, 2004

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The best Englisman ever, on flecko and F2. Also known as mandrake, master of illusion and mystery, from the old cartoon Defender's of the Earth. Many know him as goz, gozzy, or Sweet English Lovin'.
Gozzy just totally wtfpwned that asshat.
by Spartacus September 07, 2004

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Strange organism often found in dark corners or in other places absent of direct sunlight. Slave to a large red beast that rests upon it's head.
Oh God, hide the cookies... fenrisolf's coming...
by Spartacus June 02, 2003

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