flat as a board, referring to most anorexic girls' boobs
Christianna's an f as a b, damn you could eat off it.
by the twins and b January 3, 2007
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FAB from the TV show "Thunderbirds" stood for "Full Acknowledgement of Braodcast." Gerry Anderson, the producer of "Thunderbirds" was known for these obscure catch phrases. In another series "Captain Scarlet" he usied SIG which stood for "Spectrum Is Green" They both meant roughly," ten-four", "I copy" and "roger that."
Jeff Tracy: "Scott set up a perimeter so Virgil can put down Thunderbird 2"
Scott: "F A B"

Colonel White: "All units return to base."
Captain Scarlett: "S I G"
by Yorgi D February 11, 2006
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Sally don't worry about those people and F the B.
When life has got you down, just F the B.
by CUBAN HOho July 11, 2008
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Valley Girl 1:
OMG did you hear Steve and Joanna are hooking up?

Valley Girl 2:
No way, they're not bf/gf are they?

Valley girl 1:
No they're just f with b
by ScottisMan January 29, 2008
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FUCK A BITCH. Originated by a large group of men in Northern California. Memebers are located both in Sacramento and in the numerous "Bay Area" cities. The real meaning of F*A*B is usually hidden by the fake meaning of "Forties & Beers" to send confusion to foolish females who find the members untrustworthy. Members of F*A*B do not trust females, do not love females, and do not do sucker shit for females. They get theres and then get out. You can distinguish real members of F*A*B from phony members by the "F" shaped sign the real members throw up whenever involved in a picture.
J - "I cant beleive that bitch actally thought I liked her"

B$ - "Yea she should have known it was F*A*B!!"

S - "Yea nigga Fuck A Bitch!!!"
by F*A*B President April 16, 2008
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Short (Radio edit) of the song "Fuck you right back" which would be the remake of Eamon's song "Fuck It"

Can't we all just get along:-p
Fuck all those nights you thought you broke my back
Well guess what yo, your sex was whack!
by ChaseS June 14, 2004
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From the puppet cult TV series by Gerry Anderson, 'Thunderbirds'. Alternative for 'Loud and Clear' in radio transmissions. Apparently according to Gerry on the thunderbirdsarego.com website, 'Fabulous' was a buzzword of the 60's, often shortened to 'Fab' and for the show it became F.A.B
Scott 'Okay, come back to Tracy Island'
Virgil 'F A B'
by Andy Derrick September 7, 2005
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