Pseudo syncope
When approached in an awkward situation fake unconsciousness.

Smokey--copyright 2017
"Smokey, please don't thunderbird her again."
"Smokey, she is coming back thunderbird!"
by Smokey/Thunderbird August 26, 2017
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Mozilla's standalone e-mail client. It has excellent spam blocking, unlike Micro$hit Outhouse Express. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Thunderbird blows Outlook Express out of the water, or should I say the Internet.
by GastonRabbit August 01, 2004
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To flip someone the bird at the same time as a thunder crash.
The Thunderbird is the most powerful way to say "fuck you" ever known to man.
by King of all jerks March 30, 2014
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Well.....the thunderbird begins with skailng a high peak or mountain in hopes of finding an eagle.(endangered in the US)

1)Proceed to put a bag over the eagles eyes to blind it.
2)bring the eagle to your next sexual encounter
3)when you are about to climax, nut all over the eagle
4)Raise the eagle high over your head and proceed to spike the eagle in a violent manner in your partners face
5)the eagle in its paniced state will violently slash with its talons and its wings, spraying your jism all over your bloody parner
6)Smother the eagle with nearest pillow(Prenant nun style)
7)Slap some 5's and tell all the bros....You will be the KING
"I totally thunderbird'd that chick last night, now she's prenant and I'm sentenced to 25 to life.....It was tit's"
by Ened Johnson October 12, 2007
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One who takes a break during a workout when it's time to do intense exercises (i.e. burpies, 100 m sprints, and suicides)
Coach: "Alright maggots, time for suicides!"
*Thunderbird leaves*
Athlete: "There's thunderbird again!
by #Daequanmovement July 27, 2014
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Worst. Car. Ever.

Its made by ford, they're slow, extra heavy, and break down easily, never ever buy one unless you have no other choice, and not even then if you can get a bycicle
Ford Thunderbird V6 - 140hp, 4000LBs
Confused automatic transmission
by Dev H May 11, 2005
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