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FUCK A BITCH. Originated by a large group of men in Northern California. Memebers are located both in Sacramento and in the numerous "Bay Area" cities. The real meaning of F*A*B is usually hidden by the fake meaning of "Forties & Beers" to send confusion to foolish females who find the members untrustworthy. Members of F*A*B do not trust females, do not love females, and do not do sucker shit for females. They get theres and then get out. You can distinguish real members of F*A*B from phony members by the "F" shaped sign the real members throw up whenever involved in a picture.
J - "I cant beleive that bitch actally thought I liked her"

B$ - "Yea she should have known it was F*A*B!!"

S - "Yea nigga Fuck A Bitch!!!"
by F*A*B President April 16, 2008
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