The act of finding the fattest woman to fuck: fuck her doggy-style and wrap your arms around her if you can; then whisper in her ear "you are the fattest bitch that I have ever fucked"; and hold on for the ride.
That fat bitch deserves a good bull riding.
by Mrchipper May 15, 2010
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having sex with a chick doggy style then calling her the wrong name and seeing how long you can stay in her.
i gave karen i mean tammy a bull ride.
by mike capellupo August 15, 2006
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When your having sex with a girl doggy style, without a condom, and tell her you have AIDS. Then see how long you can hold on.
"I met this one girl at the bar last night and went for a bull ride. I got 13 seconds!"
by E rok October 31, 2007
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when having sex with a girl doggy style grab her hair and say this is how i fucked your sister then see how long you can stay in
dude! i totally went for a bull ride with my girlfriend
by skywalker_909 October 28, 2009
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When you fuck someone doggy style with a septum ring on and you attach chains to it and pull to ride him/her like a bull. Pull as hard as you want
Yeah I was bull riding her last night. I pulled to hard and her fuckin nose split in half
by GastonQueen January 05, 2018
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The woman is on all fours in doggie position. The man is on his knees, sitting upright, penetrating, reaching around to massage her genitals in one hand and waiving the other in the air.
Slyder moved from the slyder2me position to bull riding that bodacious babe.
by slyderluvs July 18, 2008
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