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1.Slang term for a person who would be considered an existentialist, in regard to personal philosophy.
Term allegedly coined by John Lennon of the Beatles.
Those exies think they have it all figgured out.
by Jason December 15, 2004
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Noun : Exie is a friend and someone you don't want to let go of. Someone who thinks they ugly but they are super pretty. She is someone who is very trusting and you can count on her with anything. She is someone who you can tell her secrets and she will keep the secrets. She is someone you can not think of any bad things about her. Someone who is shy to most people but the people that she can really trust she is crazy but nice. When you every get in a fight with her she will say ok whatever you want to think is fine and I will still think my way I just don't want to fight with you. So you know that you can be mad at her but she will always forgive you no matter what. Someone that most of the time has a best friend named Molly and they are the best of friends. She has very long hair and is an athlete. Someone you can always say something good about them. Any boy would love to have this kind of girl.

Exie is to die for!
Exie is a friend, she is to die for.
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by likalikasoars November 02, 2018
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A student of the Phililips Exeter Academy, a selective New England prep school.
"Bob is a complete Exie, and he hates that punk, Joe, who's an Andy."
by macabre89 January 12, 2010
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