A Herrera is a species of human native to Nicaragua, male or female. The male species tends to be distracted by minutia while the female species tends to be very productive.
We went to Gamestop and saw a group of Herreras. They were buying World of Warcraft. Can you believe it!
by TheLoisLane December 17, 2010
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a sickie gnar gnar victom of the purple craze. herreras are known to frequent the west hollywood area doing savage things. to be exact, you can find a herrera above sunset at the intersection of sunset and horn.
Whoa, a herrera just drove by me doing 80 on fountain!
by patrick Benedetto November 20, 2007
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A species of small bald brown men that are mostly native to southern California. They are found either cleaning up piles of dust on Navy ships with a foxtail or taking long naps in the car during lunch.
I was on my way back from the PX and there were 10 Herreras in the parking lot.
by jimmyjohnsie September 02, 2015
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