The act of skinning someone alive. It gets painful.
Ooo remember that one movie? Where that guy was impaled and and he and he was all hooks pulling his FLESH from his muscles? That one with the excoriation? Sexy.
by Surazal October 18, 2004
The wearing away of skin through friction, usually in your asscrack when your wife and kids constantly swipe your credit card through it
Stop buying all of those bath salts and video games, i have rectal bleeding from the excoriation and its running down my leg!
by KSnacks July 12, 2010
censure or criticize severely
In-spite of an impressive work, the current government is always excoriated.
by Shanky89 February 10, 2018
Words used by defender's of Sarah Palin's use of the word 'refudiate' in a vain attempt to bolster their cachet with a Palin detractors (intelligent people).
I am excoriously turned on by Michael.
by Michael0431234 November 16, 2010
Donald Trump said, " The press gives them a pass. If I ever did that, I would be excoriated!"
On Hannity 10/08/2020
by Pa/Fla October 9, 2020