literally rip someone a new asshole.
in use can be verbal abuse or a threat to actual physical harm or in some circles could be quite literal
see prison pussy
you better stop lookin at my girfriend before i have to tear you a new one
by nick_pepper October 11, 2004
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Among the highest degrees of complete ownage, to tear someone a new asshole is to either physically or verbally beat the living fuck out of an opponent or his or her arguments.
Jon: I'm so much bettter than everyone.

Me: Is that before or after I tear you a new one? Let's see...together with your girl parts, that'll give you three
by Way to go, douchefag! July 17, 2009
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If you don't quit looking at my wife's hooters dude, I'm gonna tear you a new pronto.
by mangus June 5, 2004
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