To get thoroughly intoxicated to the point where nothing matters anymore. This often includes blacking out.
Kenny: "Hey, man, what are you doing after finals?"
Keith: "I'm about to get excommunicated..."
Kenny: "Hell yeah."
by thePope July 12, 2013
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refusing to communicate with someone for any reason and to pretty much act like they don't exist
person 1- hey what is the deal with you and jared

person 2- yeah i don't like him so he is excommunicated

person 1- harsh!
by Eric Kacktastic May 21, 2010
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when a former significant other cuts off all contact with someone following a breakup.
After I broke up with Jane, she no longer speaks to me and even blocked me on Facebook. It was a total excommunication.
by PhoneCall October 6, 2011
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Transphobic Excommunication refers to a series of harassment campaigns within an otherwise progressive, leftist or queer-friendly space against a transgender person who has been found to have done something that steps out of line with the ideals of that community by using a series of tactics that would have otherwise been considered transphobic in order to humilate, exclude and hurt said transgender individual. It sometimes also comes in the form of dismissing the idea someone could be transgender because they have done something problematic. The fallout can be a useful reminder to other transgender members who are getting ideas to say or do something that might be seen as offensive or hurtful. This often comes from the idea that freedom from bigotry within a progressive space is something that is earned rather than a right those of a marginalized identity are entitled to have. Many members of transphobic excommunication mobs often feel they are in the right and think of their actions as examples of edgy progressive vigilantism rather than acts of transphobia.
"This transphobic excommunication of Contrapoints has gotten out of control. I don't think she should have said what she did but posting her personal information and dead-naming her was just a step too far."
by becuzmdsaid October 19, 2022
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An inability to communicate with others, ie: when you have no cable, the computer isn't working, and your phone's been cut off.
"Roadkill" doesn't know if his team won because he's been excommunicated.
by deemon1211 October 11, 2010
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