8 definitions by Eric Kacktastic

When the general population thinks that you are a pussy/bitch because they put a spin on your imagine and try to make you out to be a bad guy or loser.
Guy 1: Why the hell is Todd Collens the QB and Jay Cutler not in?
Guy 2: I don't know? He is on the sidelines looking alright?
Guy 1: Yeah, I know!!! The cameras keep panning to him and making me think he just doesn't want to play
Guy 3: Don't believe this crap!! He is "getting Cutler'd"
Guy 1&2: Oh! Yeah we should leave the more guy alone if he could play he would....I hate when people are "getting Cutler'd!"
by Eric Kacktastic February 7, 2011
expression explaining that is how they do things and shouldn't be questioned any further
example 1:
person 1- hey why are you always getting into fights when we go out

person 2- hey i do what i do

person 1- ah of course

example 2:

person 1- were you really hitting on that chick last night

person 2- i do what i do

person 1- gotcha
by Eric Kacktastic May 21, 2010
someone that is so bad ass and all the ladies want
Example 1:

James - hey did that girl sleep with eric last night?

Jared - yeah dude she did!

James - damn he is so Kacktastic

Jared - yeah he is (sigh)
by Eric Kacktastic May 21, 2010
You don't really have anything to do but you don't want to hang out with the person you said it to.
Mostly used after just having sex...

Guy: that was awesome but " I have things to do"
Girl: Oh?
Guy: Yep.
Girl: Gets dressed and leaves.
Guy: Turns on xbox and plays video games
by Eric Kacktastic December 9, 2010
refusing to communicate with someone for any reason and to pretty much act like they don't exist
person 1- hey what is the deal with you and jared

person 2- yeah i don't like him so he is excommunicated

person 1- harsh!
by Eric Kacktastic May 21, 2010
When you want something pretty bad but can't get it you have to "will it"
Guy 1: I want that gal to go out with me!
Guy 2: Just make it happen.
Guy 1: I am trying nothing seems to be working.
Guy 2: If you want it you are going to have to "will it"

Guy 1: Yeah, what was I thinking.
by Eric Kacktastic February 7, 2011
When you are looking someone that you find attractive/hot in the eyes so that they know you are looking and interested.
Guy 1: Hey you see that gal over there?
Guy 2: Hells yeah...I have been giving her hard looks all night
Guy 1: Nice I did notice her pants getting all wet!
Guy 2: You know how I do.
by Eric Kacktastic December 2, 2010