A tool used to keep people satisfied with not knowing how much they are being fucked over.
"America is the greatest nation in the world. It's perfect and nothing needs fixing. It literally can't improve! I already have the best possible lot in life."
--American one lost paycheck away from homelessness

"American Exceptionalism is the best! I can pay my workers poverty wages, and they won't even do anything about it because they don't know any other way of living! Let's make sure things stay that way."
--American Billionaire
by PortableBacon March 23, 2019
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A patriotism-based political belief that states that the United States of America is unique or exceptional when compared with the historical development of other countries, and is thus considered better than other countries regardless of context.

More extreme cases of this have led to white-washing of historical events, propaganda and violation of international law under the pretense that "it's not a crime when America does it."
America's greatness, America's exceptional greatness, is not based on that fact that we are the most powerful, most prosperous - and most generous - nation on earth. Rather, those things are the result of American Exceptionalism.
-- Newt Gingrich
by The Logical Fallacy September 23, 2016
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Concept, similar to American Exceptionalism, frequently heard in Italy, that Italian food is, beyond comparison, the very best in the world, and that the cuisine of every other country sucks to the point that it cannot be eaten without vomiting.

This phenomenon can seem further exaggerated by the religious belief of many Italians that their mother or grandmother makes absolutely the _best_ Melanzane alla Parmigiana in the world, and nobody elses can compare.

If you experience this phenomenon, just agree. To argue can put yourself in extreme danger.
"Man I made a mistake tonight: didn't really want to suggest to Gianni and Francesca that we eat Tapas, did I?"

"Oops. To Gianni that's almost as bad as suggesting there's a restaurant that can make Tiramisu as well as his Mamma! So you experienced your first Spaghetti Exceptionalism, did you?"

"Exactly! And then Helen made the mistake of suggesting that pasta every day is boring, and she fancied a Thai - didn't wanna do that!"

"Nooooooo! Thai food to an Italian? That's like suggesting that you put the first course on the same plate as the meat... Outrageous!"

"Did you ever go to Barcelona, Pinuccia?"

"Oh yes, Penelope. You have a wonderful city! I love Barca so much but I couldn't eat the food. It was disgusting! My mother had to send me food parcels every week, and by the time I came home, I was fifteen pounds thinner! I am never going there again."

"Oh no, Pinuccia! You didn't like our food?"

"It's foul, Penelope! It's sooo bad. How did you ever survive? But Italian food is the best in the world you know. And my Mamma makes the best Spaghetti con Vongole in all of Genova. Would you like to come at the weekend and try some? You will be very grateful for everything she can teach you!"
by Lost in Spaghettiland October 19, 2012
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Pasty white person, typically of Irish or German decent. Easily identifiable by their freckles and milky skin. Typically named Karen or Ryan, common nickhnames are Snow Flake and Casper.
"Dude, your new exceptionally caucasian girlfiend keeps blinding me when she lays out. Tell that beyotch to go bronze edition to cut down the glare"
by stopgroundhogsday May 11, 2010
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Had a bunch of friends over last night, my house EFO today. EFO?? Ya man, it's EFO (Exceptionally Fucked Off)
by LEESUH E. May 25, 2019
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The act of nurturing within you and others the belief that you are exceptional and all others are inferior. Entire political strategies have been built on this concept, for instance, Trumpism. Trumpism is the firm belief that adherents are superior in thought and deed to opponents, especially ones of color and minority status. You aren't born with this abhorrent belief, it has to be nurtured either by you or with your consent. The irony is that people who hold firmly to a belief in nurtured exceptionalism are by definition unexceptional as human beings.
The Proud Boys created a platform of nurtured exceptionalism, using the power of social media to propagate a cancel culture to target minorities and those with beliefs opposed to theirs.
by Gamedalf October 15, 2020
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