Getting off on telling falsehoods. Especially of those pertaining to people or situations.
You tell more lies than a politician! Quit exasterbating, and tell the truth for once!
by Dr. Shadow April 28, 2016
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It's when you're so bored that you literally just start beating your meat for absolutely no reason other than just plain boredom, and you're completely flaccid and you cant pop a chub even with porn so you just sit there and beat at it for like 6 hours until its 6am and your hand is going numb and your dick is purple so you finally give up and look at beastiality or My Little Pony porn or some shit because "It's something different" and you finally pop a half chub like the degenerate you are and stroke harder and harder until you finally finish and it's the least satisfying orgasm you've ever experienced, literally just kinda oozes out. Not to be confused with Satisbating.
Dude 1: Man, I had such a shitty night.
Dude 2: Why?
Dude 1: I was Exasterbating so hard. I finally caved and watched beastiality and came.
Dude 2: Shit son, sounds like a crappy night.
Dude 1: Yeah, I'm probably on the FBI Watchlist.
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