A word used in a fight with your significant other to annoy them and prove your point. Can only be said by the female in the relationship, so boys, you can suck it.
-but you said I was a douche
-so I'm really a douche?
-I see now, I'm an inferior male, I love you
by hollyistheshit. January 13, 2010
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a term used by a dentist to describe someone's bad breath
mrs. johnson you have a case of the exactly's. the exactly's?yes the exactly's,your breath smells exactly like your ass.
by me February 05, 2004
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of or pertaining to one's hygientic state in which his/her oral hygiene mirrors another part of the body, in most cases their ass.
Lelands has a bad cases of exactly, his breath smells exactly like his ass.
by Nefearious K. December 18, 2004
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