Something I will never have at this rate. Once you reach 18 without ever being kissed you are pretty much on the "old spinster" mailing list. And we all know mailing lists define our true selves.
I wish I could have a real person to breakup with so i wouldnt have to keep making up stories about ex boyfreinds that dont exist.
by looopyylydia August 13, 2005
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the one jerk you will always kinda love. that hurt you. that you gave a second chance to and he still hurt you! that will smile at you and wave then talk about you behind your back. the person you hope gets hit by a bus and wrecks his pretty little camero :)
One day day the ex-boyfriend is driving in his camero and "BOOM" he gets hit and it goes flying into a tree!
by laurenbell December 31, 2011
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1. Someone who convinced you at one point that you were the only one for them but then decided to dump you when times got rough.
2. Someone who put you on high pedestal in the beginning but then became unattracted to you when they realized they couldn't give you what you wanted. So they purposely sabotaged the relationship and made you look like the bad person in the end. And to fill the void, they pursued other woman quickly after the break-up (including a mutual friend) and convinced themselves that YOU weren't good enough for them.
3. Someone you meet up with after the break-up who apologizes for everything they've done, kisses you, hugs you, holds your hand, and tells you sweet nothings only to make excuses (at the end) and admit that they STILL don't want to be with you anymore and that you two aren't meant to be.
4. Someone who plays with your emotions because they know you're still not over them.
5.. Someone who won't realize they lost the best thing they were ever going to have until it's too late.
Ex-boyfriend: I took you for granted...I really missed were the only girl who tried to understand me... *kiss* *hug* *holding hands*
(half an hour later) You're perfect..You're beautiful... I'm emotionally unstable... I don't know what I want in my life right now... I can't give you what you want... I want you to be happy... We're not made for each other, I don't want to go back out with you etc. etc.
by OrangeCranberry February 19, 2012
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1. He who must not be named, otherwise known as douche bag face.
2. He is the subject of conversation for an indefinite amount of time, but he's not worth wasting your breath.
3. That guy whose stuff you keep finding and burning (except the jewerly).
by [bombshell] February 5, 2005
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Someone who will want you back after they see that you are happy without them. They will also admit they were bad to make you feel better. He might admit that he's changed.
My ex-boyfriend started talking to me just because he saw my relationship status change. He told me he's changed... BS!
by musiclover_teen July 15, 2012
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The boy you know you shouldn't like..
But you still do
I really wish he hadn't become my EX-boyfriend
by lafk December 21, 2006
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1. A BOY that dump's you because he would rather play with his Star wars action figures(even tho he is 28).
2. A BOY that dumped you because he wanted to dress up like a Storm Trooper and you didnt want to be around for that.
3. Someone who wanted to screw all of you friends cause you took his virginity and you just werent "enough" (like he knew that the next chick would give him herpies).
4. Loser.
5. Waist of time/life/minutes I'll never get back.
6. is when you see him once every 6 weeks, and he swears you're the only girl he's ever loved and never cheated on, when really during those 6 weeks he's fu*kin every bitch that looks at him, and then lying to you telling you he is SLEEPING when he can't answer his phone, or it's off. Oh ya, and he also fu*ks the "study buddy" from school, and the neighbor across the hall! Fu*kin Marines! Think they'er the shit!
I didnt meen to screw you over I just wanted to screw her too! That makes you an "ex-boyfriend"
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