a suburb of Trenton, located in West central New Jersey. Once the site of a huge general motors plant and naval air plant, as well as the current home to the college of NJ and Trenton Mercer Airport. The town is named after Charles Ewing, and began as a farming town as well as the home of quarries off of Wilburtha road near West Trenton. Ewing is interesting in that it has a very broad mix of residents; in the high school their is no majority race. It has a bad rap compared to other towns like Hopewell or Hamilton, but it has nice sections too.
wanna go to a college party in Ewing tonight? I hear they got fresh bitches wylin out!
by impoip88 March 24, 2011
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A complete beast and basically the definition of Swag.
"Did you see that guy he had so much swag"
"Dude that's a Ewing if I've ever seen one"
by Greenbassist August 20, 2012
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v. ewinged, ewinging, ewings

1. to cause (eg. a party) to split into two sub-parties, due to mutual incompatibility between the guests.

2. (of a party) to split into two sub-parties


Named after John Ewing, legend in several fields, whose flatwarming party was the first to display this trait, after half of the guests decamped to the kitchen on the arrival of several of his classmates from university.
"The party really ewinged after those twunts arrived."
"Oh dear, we've ewinged this party."
by Dave Murris November 21, 2004
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a loser; one who hates people who do drugs/drink alcohol
"Man, he's such a Ewing"
"Yeah dude, he just punched that drunk 15 year old"
by BigBoyNumberTwo April 01, 2009
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An extremely terrible town located in west-central New Jersey. The town is home to a failing educational system and a large amount of drugs and idiots. Ewing is most know for nothing, as it fucking sucks. Ewing was at one time a nice town, since then Ewing has turned into a disgusting Ghetto, being over run by gangsters from Trenton.
Guy1: Man, Ewing sucks i cant wait to get out of this place.

Guy2: I know man, this place blows.
by Bacon fun January 17, 2011
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The act of having a Female or male lubricating (generally using spit and saliva from the mouth) the palm of there hand and then jerking there partner or ones self off, the effect of this is to simulate the wetness of being up inside a vagina. Named after Patrick Ewing (N.Y. Knicks legendary center) who would be drenched like a slip n slide after a game.
A.K.A Wet palm sex.
Hey baby, if we cant have sex tonight why don't you give me a Ewing??

Wow i just tried giving myself a Ewing and it feels better then the way i usually masturbate!!

Brenda really lubed up her hand with spit and jerked me off last night it felt like i was inside her pussy..... she told me it's called a Ewing!?!?!
by edub923 September 14, 2010
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