very big family. and have lots of background
you are part of the ewings family right?
by funnybone April 17, 2013
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Ew is literally what I say after I read every definition on this sick site.




Some weirdo even sexualized a CAR.
Ew ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew.

Yes, that's right, it's it's own sentence/s.
by Gooz. The. GREATEST, SUCKAS December 9, 2018
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A term used to describe Harry Potter fanfiction (see fanfiction for more detail) that disregards the epilogue at the end of the last, seventh, Harry Potter book.

It stands for "Epilogue, What Epilogue?"

In addition, the term is mostly used by slash fanfic writers who were upset at the end of the novels that there were no clearly defined homosexual pairings.
Warnings For this Fic: EWE (It does not follow the epilogue, though it may follow the plot of HP Book 7.)
by Rivka24 November 25, 2007
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not necessarily the word ewe as in sheep, but it is a facial expression.

words like this may include owo and uwu

my friends are weird

it's pronounced ēwē
Josie just got her braces off, ewe!
Morgan likes twenty one pilots, ewe!
Josephine likes using the word ewe, and also invented it!
by a beautiful potato January 30, 2019
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A term of affection used by Southern Gentlemen while courting Female California Snubs; A real panty dropper!
How are ewe?", I Love ewe!, "Ewe drive me crazy!" and "Ewe had me at ewe!
by CoolHandLuke/HappyPrincess September 2, 2010
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Something people say when they are disgusted! "Ew!!" You might say it when you see a bug that terrifies you.. Maybe a spider, maybe a roach! Ew! How gross!
Ew! That spider almost jumped on me!
by xMintiez January 2, 2018
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