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not necessarily the word ewe as in sheep, but it is a facial expression.

words like this may include owo and uwu

my friends are weird

it's pronounced ēwē
Josie just got her braces off, ewe!
Morgan likes twenty one pilots, ewe!
Josephine likes using the word ewe, and also invented it!
by a beautiful potato January 30, 2019

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1. a great name for any friend group/girl group/band lol. to be a member you must be extremely edgy.
2. when you accidentally mis-spell the word "girlies"

1. "omg, did you here that the girpies are coming to our city? we should get tickets now!"

2. "hey girpie!"


3. "girpies, let's have a sleepover this weekend!"
by a beautiful potato March 23, 2019

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A surgical intern or resident who tends to kill patients.
1. "George O'Malley, more like Double O' 7!"
2. "I can't believe George messed up an appendectomy. Oh, there he is. Hey Double O' 7!"
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by a beautiful potato November 28, 2019

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