E- every
V- villain
I- is
L- lemons
Man Ray, the Dirty Bubble, and Barnacle Boy all formed an alliance known as EVIL.
by parismccrackenxyoubet May 11, 2008
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A word you call yourself, or a way to show you have a large cult behind you and a large ass throne.

The new legally-changed name of Global Force Wrestling superstar Takaaki Watanabe.
by YallNiggasEverHeardofPuroresu October 11, 2018
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Something sinful; comes naturally to humans (despite claims that "people are basically good at heart"). The opposite of love and good. Something in opposition to God's plan for all. A negative or DESTRUCTIVE rather than creative force. Doesn't neccessarily have to be an act; "he had evil in his heart".
sin is evil.
by jellibene October 17, 2003
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A weirdo cult with a website on geocities. It is an acronym for "Every Villian Is Lemons".

EVILs (followers of EVIL) apparently believe that god is a gorilla living on the moon and is named "Mozzarella". They worship cheese, and say that Dick Cheney and Chuck E. Cheese are their messiahs.

In short, EVILs are one screwed-up bunch of wackos.
The EVIL sacred text is the "Book O' EVIL." EVILs have serious issues.
by Bob October 15, 2003
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Anything pertaining to the opposite of all that is good.
George W. Bush, MicroSoft, Macintosh, X-Box, Battle Arena Toshinden, Republicans, Democrats, Guns, Dictators, Your Mom, Performance-Brand Electronics, Oklahoma
by Arc December 28, 2004
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He is a EVIL
by SHARKKING February 2, 2022
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E.V.I.L.- Every Villan Is Lactose-intolerant. We thought that u WAY before Spongebob and Lemons. I am the RubberDucky, the queen of the society!
Go E.V.I.L., Go E.V.I.L., Go, go, go E.V.I.L.!
by TheRubberDucky November 7, 2003
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