Another word for your tax collecter.
Hi, I'm your tax collecter, and I'm a bitch.
by Mikerockzya April 17, 2004
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Essential ingredient for the making of humans.
Recipe for Human:
Add 3 cups water
Add half dozen eggs
Add chopped cabbage
Mix gently while adding Evil until desired effect.
Bake at 97 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 months
Serve chilled
by Krab October 10, 2003
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towniespeak, to look at somebody in a bad way, most commonly used as an excuse to start a fight
A "girl she is giving me evils!!! hey you! you got beef wi' me or summink?!!!"

B "no, just just lost my contact lens..."

A "what?!! you callin' me a liar now???!!! don't you go direspectin' me!!! i'm gonna smash your ugly fucking face in, you dirty little whore!!!!!!"

B *is not a townie and therefore *runs away**

(and yes, i have seen that happen before...)
by itcreaks June 29, 2004
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A person who intentionally breaks someone's spirits and pretends to care for pure enjoyment.
Luke: Karen you are lovable and there's hope. I really do care.

Karen: OMG you do??!

Luke: AAAAHAHAHA hell no! What are you talking about? You're crazy!

Karen: WOW that was evil.
by fuckedoverandoverthx August 28, 2012
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