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Ecila is Alice spelled backwards. She was named after "Alice in wonderland ". She is the sweetest, most thoughtful, funniest, most charming, patient, forgiving, understanding, warm, cuddly, amazingly beautiful girl in the universe. She turns heads every where she goes but she remains humble and unaffected. She is strong yet soft. She is a survivor not a victim. She has endured hardship gracefully and didn't allow it to make her bitter. She is mature when necessary yet silly af and can always make you laugh til you cry. She listens and is caring; she will always have your back even when others run . She is the best footsie player and cuddle queen. She isn't greedy, she knows sharing is caring 😃 And she is just the most beautiful little lady in the whole galaxy.
You see that girl? She is a total Ecila! Wow, you don't see that type of girl anywhere!
by Liani713 April 22, 2017
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Noun Slang:
1. the vulva or vagina.
2. Disparaging and Offensive, a sheepshagger.
b. a contemptible person.

3. sexual intercourse with a sheep.

Check out that ecila, I bet he drinks carling black label. Hes on his 3rd sheep today the filthy scoundrel
by Billy Davies April 26, 2009
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