A member of the Hobson family that is named Kyle
Kyle Hobson is a fuckin cunt
by Altitude Taven March 9, 2020
When some bitch ass' girlfriend says you know nothing
oi ya fuckin cunt! I swear on me mum you know nothing cheeky bitch!

-Luke Cherney
by Luke Cherney February 17, 2016
Nick Fannin is a fuckin mad cunt. The fuckin maddest cunt ever to grace the earth with his presence. The best.
Peters: Nick, you're a fuckin mad cunt, i wish i was fuckin mad shit like you man.

Nick: You will be one day man, you just need to get off the crack! fuckin little guy.
by Nick Fannin January 20, 2008
The absolute best cunt on earth the kinda mate that would chuck you a cold in the middle of a barbecue on a hot day
Hey Dave thanks for the beer ya fuckin good cunt
by Yodas shriveled penis August 2, 2021