A member of the Hobson family that is named Kyle
Kyle Hobson is a fuckin cunt
by Altitude Taven March 9, 2020
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When some bitch ass' girlfriend says you know nothing
oi ya fuckin cunt! I swear on me mum you know nothing cheeky bitch!

-Luke Cherney
by Luke Cherney February 17, 2016
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The absolute best cunt on earth the kinda mate that would chuck you a cold in the middle of a barbecue on a hot day
Hey Dave thanks for the beer ya fuckin good cunt
by Yodas shriveled penis August 2, 2021
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Nick Fannin is a fuckin mad cunt. The fuckin maddest cunt ever to grace the earth with his presence. The best.
Peters: Nick, you're a fuckin mad cunt, i wish i was fuckin mad shit like you man.

Nick: You will be one day man, you just need to get off the crack! fuckin little guy.
by Nick Fannin January 20, 2008
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