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verb: to expel semen that has been ejaculated into one's bodily orifice by another person, e.g. by defecating after anal sex, or by douching after vaginal sex.

etymology: hybridization of "evacuate" (as in, "evacuate one's bowels," i.e. to shit; "evacuate one's bladder," i.e. to piss) and "ejaculate," i.e. to cum, jizz, nut, etc.
After Bob nutted up her poop chute, Mary went to toilet to evaculate.
by fauxbourdon December 07, 2005
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Verb. During intercourse, the man decides to pull out and ejaculates in the process.
"Hey man, did you nail her last night?" "Ya, but I evaculated all over her."
by Sexoholic October 12, 2012
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