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1. The act of losing one's wristwatch while fisting their boyfriend.

2. Sphincter rot.

Greek esrikos, from esreeq, comparative of es, within. See en in Indo-European Roots. Derivative of Esreeq, Greek God of Rectal flaking.
"An esric is a steep price to pay for a Danza slap"


"Chris realized that the smell came not from the garbage can, but from the case of esric he had acquired."
by Dr. Plimpton Nutbutter March 08, 2004
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A mistake often made by a n00b
Someone who thinks they're l337 but are often times wrong.
Pulling an Esric.
Dude Your such an Esric.
by Mr Blonde March 02, 2004
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Land dwelling Mammal with exceptional skills in computers, yet tries to excel in other areas suh as the game commonly played in Europe known as pool.

Attempts to display knowledge of car audio and video, as well as an array of other skills commended by adolescent human society.

Ability to be extremely compatible with the opposite sex, but chooses to exploit them for their "assets" such as their Milkshake
Is that esric with ANOTHER girl? man he's such a womanizer. he needs to just find a nice girl and stick with her.

Jesus, esric thinks he knows everything but he doesn't. he needs to stop trying to impress me because i couldnt care less.
by Weechope March 03, 2004
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One of a series of low-level humanoids with erratic communication skills and a perceived lack of linear thought, commonly found in slums and places near a billiards table. Unable to express itself sexually, the average Esric will instead prefer to "use" a female, though it will continually envision a male partner during its oft-brief intercourse, resulting in impotence during the act.
Man, don't be so harsh on me. At least I'm not Esric!
by Irish March 04, 2004
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