Having someone or others feel attraction towards you without trying to.
A: I saw you pulling Andy.
Z: He's wayyy to young for me.
by Goddessofwisdom December 7, 2016
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English word that means to hook up with someone or make out with them, often at a party or nightclub. Tongues are often involved. You can also be 'on the pull', which means to seek out or pursue someone with whom you want to get off with (often a complete stranger).
Katie went to Jamie's party on the pull, where she met Dean and fulfilled her aim of getting off with someone she didn't know.

"I saw you pulling Dean last night, you slut. He's my boyfriend."
by PimpMyYak May 2, 2009
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Pulling, attracting someone of interest (attracting meaning looking, winking, asking for your number, or wanting the dick)
Examples of pulling:
A: That's what your wearing to the party?
B: Yeah Girl, I'm going to pull


A:You pull last night?
B: Hell Yeah! this nigga named tyrone asked for my number, DeAnthony Grabbed my ass, this dude with a ying yang tattoo was starring hard!
by BRO$A February 20, 2013
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when a man and woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or a he she and a he she, or a man and a he she, or a woman and a he she, press each others lips against each others, and then stick their tongues in each others mouths. They then proceed to massage each others tongues with their own tongues.
"Woah, look at them, pulling. Tongues everywhere."
by I_am_a_retard November 24, 2006
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Action of conquering males, usually done by a fiery redhead
Person 1: that ginger girl Alex makes pulling look like sport
by Dr Foster April 4, 2015
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The guy in the red hat is pulling the beer for us, but wants a smoke for it.
by Tim Fielder August 26, 2018
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