A component of a TARDIS which allows it to change shape to match its surroundings and remain inconspicuous. The circuit on the Doctor's TARDIS has malfunctioned, leaving it stuck in the shape of a 1960s style British police box. Not to be confused with British trock band chameleon circuit
The Doctor: "My chameleon circuit hasn't worked since 1963"
by TheMrJay8 September 8, 2012
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The name of a band that plays trock (Timelord Rock.) This style of music may be more understandable to those who do not immediately understand the reference in the name by saying simply that the lyrics are about the British show, Doctor Who. The five members of the band (Charlie Mcdonnell/charlieissocoollike, Alex Day/nerimon, Liam Dryden/littleradge, EddPlant, and Michael Aranda) are all popular youtubers with large fan bases. There had been quite a bit of confusion about who actually is in the band which has recently been resolved by a video uploaded on Charlie's channel explaining the working of Chameleon Circuit.

With the knowledge that the content is about Doctor Who, some viewers that disliked the show were hesitant about the album, but because the members are musically talented, it can be enjoyed by anyone who likes decent music, but if you do like Doctor Who, it is cool to hear the references in the songs.

Altogether, it is simply a brilliant band with excellent music who now has two albums, their namesake and Still Got Legs.
person 1: Have you heard of Chameleon Circuit the band?
person 2: Yeah, that's with littleradge and michael aranda, right?
person 1: Yep, they just released a new album, Still Got Legs.
person 2: Oh yeah! I heard about that on Charlie's channel, I'm going to listen to it on his website before I buy it from DFTBA.
by imissrosetyler August 16, 2011
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