An adjective used to describe an over-exaggerated object such as a new video game or movie. Something that pummels everything else in its category.
by Gary Coleman IV June 17, 2008
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the most awesome, cool, smooth dude you ever met.
Wow, Jamar is the MAN! He is so EPIC! fantastic larger than life one of a kind exquisite
by Charmed8 November 23, 2016
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*word used to enhance something's importance to the point of trying to make it bigger or more in-depth

*used to describe someone who pwns myspace up and down like a motherfucker should

*used to describe and extremely long poem
*the ending of that movie was so EPIC

*do you know elainaepic from myspace? she's ballin outta control. its insane. i cant take it.

* there are many famous epic poems you may read in high school.
by elainaepic February 08, 2009
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A word that is used to describe something that one enjoys (i.e. awesome, sweet, beast, cool, etc.)
Person 1: Dude, did you see that movie last night?
Person 2: Yeah, it was epic.
by emo dude December 28, 2010
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Tony: bro I have a date tomorrow
Matthew: Epic
Tony: what
Matthew: Epic
by Oppai~Chan October 08, 2018
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