ENHYPEN is a seven-member group from South Korea that will dominate the world pretty soon.
ENHYPEN World Domination.
ENHYPEN Mega Rookie.
ENHYPEN the next big thing.
by cess.. January 11, 2021
a bg from belift that has 4 gay 1 homophobic 2 questioning members theyre hella talented but their fans are trash tbh they deserves better stream given-taken their top tier
which enhypen member are you?


omg i love twinks
by yongsu (real) January 21, 2022
An amazing iland group consisting mostly of 7 members

Person: 1: Hey what’s your favorite group?
Person 2: Oh mine is Enhypen
Person 1: Oh cool, nice
by Straykids4ever0325 February 10, 2021
:Who are enhypen?
: Enhypen is Engene's happiness and Engene's home, they are also the monster rookies
by Autumn Park June 16, 2021
Consists of 7 talented boys. All rounders. All aces. Stage geniuses. 4th GEN HOT ICON. Rookie monsters.
-JUNGWON - 양정원
-JAY - 박종성
-JAKE - 심재윤
-SUNOO - 김선우
-NI_KI - 니키
Hey, do you know ENHYPEN?
Oh, you mean the future of kpop?
by 아케이 June 8, 2021
ENHYPEN is a 7 member K-pop boygroup. It consists of Yang Jungwon, Lee Heeseung, Jay Park, Jake Shim, Park Sunghoon, Kim Sunoo and Ni-ki. They are famous internationally and you should stan them. You won't regret. They're a good group and they have good songs ;)
"Do you know ENHYPEN?"
"Oh, that group? I know some of their songs."
"Ah, stan them."
by yeonxwoo September 25, 2021
A seven member Kpop boy group who have the title of ‘Monster Rookie’ and are the first rookie boy group to have more than 50 achievements in less than one year of debut.They consist of seven members : Lee Heesung, Park Jay, Shim Jake, Park Sunghoon, Kim Sunoo, Yang Jungwon, Ni-ki
Oh look! It’s the famous kpop rookie boy group Enhypen! I heard their songs are dope!
Their song Given-Taken even chart on the billboard 100!
by Vante_ August 2, 2021