Ni-Ki is from ENHYPEN. he’s 15 legally and he is the the maknae. his real name is Nishimura Riki. he was born on dec. 9th 2005 and his solo fandom name is Nikitties.
“Have you heard ENHYPEN’s new album?”
“Yeah! Niki sounded amazing in Fever!”
“I know right!”
(If I used “niki enhypen” in there, it would not make sense! sorry tho!!
by stan-hueningkai June 6, 2021
Enhypen's leader, a cutie pie that everyone loves. He's sooooo talented and he's the cutest person to ever exist like wtf how can anyone be THAT cute???
I love him so much he's so special and amazing and fantastic and words can't describe him because he's too precious
Person A: Is Jungwon of Enhypen your bias?
Rors: He's my one and only!

Person A: Have you ever seen Jungwon of Enhypen's predebut photos?
Person B: Yes! He was so cute, his hair looked a lot like ales'!
by Lu💜 December 27, 2021
Jake (제이크) is a member of the boy group ENHYPEN. Jake is known for his Australian accent that ENGENE can't stop listening to. There are literally so many reasons to love him <3
Jake is like a puppy

I love Jake :)

"Hey, do you know Jake?"
"who ?"
"Jake of Enhypen <3"
by poo poo head #3 February 22, 2022
we don’t associate ourselves with engenes bc y’all DUMB :)
are you an enhypen enjoyer? oh my god you’re so cool !!!!!!!!
by enhypen enjoyer lol September 5, 2021
stanning and loving the korean pop boy group "ENHYPEN" to make oneself being bright and feel happier
"Hey, do you want to take an enhypen therapy? You're so down these past few days."
by eggie egg September 21, 2020
EN- members who are called the bermuda triangle include Jay, Sunghoon, Sunoo, who are the main visuals of the group.
Enhypen Bermuda Triangle is Jay Sunghoon Sunoo
by Silversight July 24, 2021
JAY, JAKE, SUNGHON holy trinity 02z of ENHYPEN. They come from different countries and they are now together a member of Enhypen. Their visuals often get attention from both non-fans and Engene. You won't be able to resist the charm of the three of them.
Who is the most dangerous trio? Ahh the holy trinity of enhypen's it's JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON they are so handsome.
by Taureanpril September 19, 2021