ENHYPEN is a 7 member K-pop boygroup. It consists of Yang Jungwon, Lee Heeseung, Jay Park, Jake Shim, Park Sunghoon, Kim Sunoo and Ni-ki. They are famous internationally and you should stan them. You won't regret. They're a good group and they have good songs ;)
"Do you know ENHYPEN?"
"Oh, that group? I know some of their songs."
"Ah, stan them."
by yeonxwoo September 25, 2021
A seven member Kpop boy group who have the title of ‘Monster Rookie’ and are the first rookie boy group to have more than 50 achievements in less than one year of debut.They consist of seven members : Lee Heesung, Park Jay, Shim Jake, Park Sunghoon, Kim Sunoo, Yang Jungwon, Ni-ki
Oh look! It’s the famous kpop rookie boy group Enhypen! I heard their songs are dope!
Their song Given-Taken even chart on the billboard 100!
by Vante_ August 2, 2021
ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) is a 7-member South Korean boy group under BE:LIFT. They debuted on November 30, 2020 with their lead single Given-Taken on the album BORDER: DAY ONE. The group consists of members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki. They are currently the fastest group to receive 4 ROTY awards.
“Hey, what’s an ENHYPEN?”
“Oh, ENHYPEN? They’re the 2020 ROTY!”
by enhapop March 28, 2021
enhypen is a KPOP group that never fails to look good. they are extremely talented and they make every engene happy,engene are so grateful for them and they love enhypen very much. enhypen cares for engene so much and they love us very much no matter what. you should stan enhypen,they have no skips PLUS their music is so good. you won’t ever regret,their concept is also amazingly beautiful and their songs are just so good. they also won best new male group so that proved my point why you should stan enhypen.
- omg do you know enhypen?
- oh the boy group? yes i do they are so talented
- i know,their songs have no skips.
by nikisvqq December 23, 2021
LEE HEESEUNG is the ACE of ENHYPEN. Recognized by professionals, co-trainees and co-ENHYPEN members.

Has a wide range of talents from vocals to dance, rap, producing to playing various musical instruments. He has a perfect pitch. During I-land, he was always selected as the center of the performances due to his versatility.
by mfg0920 July 22, 2021
LEE HEESEUNG - known as the ACE trainee from Bighit and I-Land. Recognized by professionals, co-trainees and co-ENHYPEN members.

Has shown great versatility from a wide range of talents -- vocals, dance, rap, playing musical instruments, etc.
During the I-Land show, he has been always selected to be the center of any performance due to his top-notch talents.
by mfg0920 July 22, 2021